March 27, 2009

Bungee Jumping This past weekend we went to Alabama and the girls got to try their hands at bungee jumping, very convenient for them, it was set up right in front of our camper. Looks fun huh?? Hey MOM!!!! Who jumpped higher? You both jumped exactly the same height. Are you kidding me, we make a competition out of everything. We had a great weekend, the rodeo grounds were located in a big park and they had a nature trail so the girls and I got our exercise in without them thinking it was exercise. We were on a nature hike and we even had special names. When we got home after the long drive on Sunday (13 hours) we came home to this "Kathy is the bomb!" according to Taylor. Note: Syd is reading the letter after a few seconds of checking out all of the jewelry, Taylor's main interest the dog bone cards. Syd got to have it all, and it was a ton of stuff except for the Dodge seat belt belt, the dog bone cards and a few of the doorags (how do you spell that?) Sydnee thought she was in heaven, so did I look at those scrumptious and pretty cake balls on the orange plate near Sydnee. Otey, Kathy and boys stayed at our house while we were gone. Kathy had some photo shoots in town. Click here to see some of her pictures. Fellow Iowaegians you are in luck she is from Ottumwa and is an awesome photographer. You should hire her for your next family session, she'll even come to Chariton to take your pictures. Come on, you won't be sorry. Anyway, Kathy cleaned out her closets and my girls got some way cute and way fun jewelry/accessories. Syd can't wait until the next time we leave town for a rodeo because belive me she will be all decked out. I made my first attempt at making cake pops on Tues. Syd and Taylor had class b-day parties on Wed and Syd thinks that she needs to take something every month. I must say the were deeeeelicious, not near as appealing to the eye as Kathy's but good to eat. My second attempt will either be later today or tomorrow. My mom, sister and Logan are coming for the weekend so I am going to make cake balls for Logan, he has a little...

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