February 03, 2009

Be Nice to the Man Syd Last night we went out to dinner with Chelsea and her dad. Eric was passing thru here from the Orlando area, which is where he is from so he stopped to spend a little time with his daughter. He asked us if we would like to go to Mazzio's for dinner with them. He is a great guy. Eric payed the bill and my ever so who's paying conscious daughter, Taylor told Syd and I quote, "Be nice to the Man Syd he just bought your dinner." It made all of us laugh so hard. Syd was playing some kind of a trick on him. For those of you who do not know Taylor she can be rather hilarious at times. She makes me laugh hard quite often, and she comes up with things so quick. Here's another one from yesterday. Be prepared it is kind of disgusting also. Drew was talking about a book he bought at the book fair and it was a Have you ever book. It was on the way home from school and I had 2 kindergartners, a 2nd grader (Taylor), a 3rd grader, a 4th grader (Syd) and a 6th grader (Drew) in the van. Drew says "Have you ever peed in a swimming pool?" All the kids in the van say, "Oh man, NO WAY!!!! That is disgusting!" Everyone that is except Taylor. Her Response. " CH - Yeah, dude I do it all the time. Those bathrooms at swimming pools are nasty." I thought I was gonna die laughing. Drew was cracking up, I was dying and the others were telling her how disgusting she was. That's one good quality Taylor has, no shame in anything, she tells the truth. (Or is that a good quality????) Today the girls get to go skating at 12:30. Every year they get a school wide skating party. I am driving some kids from Taylor's class and I am also gonna skate. I love to skate. I didn't get to last year because my leg was all black from a skating accident I had prior to the party. Tomorrow we have basketball. Syd has a tournament in Alma, with her first game beginning at 9:00. Taylor has a 9:00 game at the Y. so our day will be filled with basketball. Everyone have a great weekend.
Hello Friends and family, mostly family I'm sure. I have had no amibition or drive for blogging. Not sure what is wrong with me. I just don't wanna take the time to sit down & do it I guess. I mean don't get me wrong I always take the time to read or at least check the other 10 or so blogs that I like to read. We have been very busy with basketball. Only 2 weeks of it left, Syd loves it and is not ready for it to end so I guess that is a good thing. Taylor is playng too, but at the YMCA and her games are on Saturday mornings. She loves it too. Last week I had the flu for about 3 days. Then Friday Taylor got sick at school and had to come home. We went to Kansas City on Saturday for Valentine's Day. The girls and I walked around the mall while Ken went to Bass Pro. The girls picked out a cute, sporty outfit for Valentine's Day and then I let them both get a Webkinz. Justice, which used to be Limited Too had everything 40% off and then with every $50 you spent you got a $25 off a $50 purchase in April, so great deals. I'll be going back in April to get $100 worth of stuff for $50. I also bought them a couple of swim suits at Costco. They had speedo's for $10. I bought 3, only because they only had 3 in my girls size. I started the Biggest Loser competition at the college. We had our 1st weigh in on Friday, and then weigh in every Friday until May 1st. For Valentine's Day I got a Waterford Crystal Rosary, I didn't even know there was such a thing. It is very pretty. Tonight Syd has a BB game here in town. The rest of her games are here, YIPPEEEE! Ken is going to Cleveland, OH this weekend to a bulls n broncs, and is taking 4 rodeo kids with him. I'm so glad he found someone to ride with him because the girls and I can't go and it is a long haul. This way the kids can drive and he can sleep because he'll have to be ready to work Friday, and then they can sleep in his hotel room while he is working. In March we...

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