February 17, 2009

What's in My Purse?????? Wouldn't you like to know. And guess what you are about to find out. I have been tagged by Katie of Famring Fabulously and she has started a game. To see the jest of it click here, and you will also see her amazing blog comlete with delicious goodies. Just 1 question that I and I'm sure many others are dyling to know. Have you seriously made all of those things??? I'd think you'd have to be cookin 24-7 & that would put you right up there in the ranks with Rachel Ray. Anywho, that's beside the point here goes: Two Bar West (One of 3 bags and 1 of 7 handles I own) Not sure of the exact cost a little over $100 for the bag and around or a little over $100 for the handle. I got it and a black one 3 years ago along with 3 handles from my sweet husband for Christmas. Did I mention that he gives wonderful gives (with a little help of course) from my friend Kathy, who's likes are very similar to my own. And now for the contents: Not so bad eh??? 1. Wallet 2. keys 3.Ibuprofen 4. Glasses case 5. Hair Pick and brush mirror combo 6. Calendar 7. Clinique lip glosses and a couple lip gloss mascara combos 8. chapstick, abreva (no I do not have a cold sore, just in case) hand lotion, kleenex 9. hair band 10. gum 11. pens 12. a loose $10 bill 13. A Walmart receipt I never knew this game could be so fun. It is soo awesome to find out what others carry in their purse. (I'm nosey like that) I am tagging the following: 1. My sister Katie 2. My cousin Jenna 3. My friend Erica, the best hairdresser this side of the Mississippi (Awe heck the best both sides of the Mississippi) OK girls fess up, I'm dying to know. My friend Kathy has already been tagged so we can all check her blog to see hers also

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